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If You've Got A Local Business Then...
“Here’s How To Get An Insane Amount of Customers Without Doing A Darn Thing More Than You’re Already Doing Right Now...”
(We’re Going To Do The Heavy Lifting For Your Business!)
Let’s face it.

Trying to build a successful business can be tough! There’s absolutely no doubt about it.

Not to mention things like paying store rent, managing employees, handling accounts receivables, trying to balance accounts payable, manufacturing, scheduling, and more...when you try to balance all of that - it makes total sense why more than 75% of businesses fail within their first 2 to 3 years!

And when you add it all up, when do you have time to actually try and get NEW CUSTOMERS?

Listen friend, customers are the LIFEBLOOD of ANY business.
Without them your business is dead like a succulent juicy lamb strolling through a pack of ravenous wolves.

Simply put, if you can’t acquire new customers while keeping the ones you have, then get ready for your business to bite the dust.

But that’s where I step in...
“At Last! You Can Now Focus On Your Business While We Focus On Making Sure You Get Customers!”
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you’re incapable of producing new customers or that you’re inept at learning to doing marketing for your business.

Quite the opposite is true.

What I’m saying is that with everything it takes to run your business, you might find yourself doing ‘busy’ work, but not BUILDING your business.

And that’s where I’d like to help you...if you allow me to.

Sure, go ahead and read all the books you need to and take all the courses you have to. Those things will definitely help.

But at best, you could be months away from seeing the results you desire when it comes to using the internet to feed into your local business.

And who’s got time for that? I’m quite sure you don’t right?
That’s like going to the bank that gave you a business loan and saying, “Excuse me Mr. Banker! I’ll pay you your money, but give me a few months to figure out this whole customer acquisition thing ok?”

(Blank stare...)

Yep. That’s pretty much how it would go. They’d have you kicked out, call your loan forward and probably put you in a straight jacket with a one-way ticket to the local asylum.

Because time and money waits for no one. Even those with good intentions.

So how do you handle this problem? How do you grow and scale your business while at the same time providing incredible value and quality to your customers?

Simple. You let us do the local marketing for you.

And we can get you started today with a simple solution known as:
“It’s The #1 Done-For-You Marketing Solution For Your Local Business Hands Down!”
“So What Exactly Can The Lizard Local Service Do For Your Business? - Just About Everything Marketing Related.”
When it comes to putting local businesses on the map, we wrote the book on it. In other words, we live, breathe, eat, drink, and even sleep this stuff all day every day.

So you can rest assured your local business marketing efforts are in good hands.

Here’s just a sample of what we offer:
  • 100% Stress Free Total Error Fixing
Your local business may already be listed on a number of local search engines. But did you know that many business listings are incorrect or out of date? 

Not only does this turn off potential customers (how many times have you called a business only to find out you have the wrong number), but it can turn away existing customers who show up to find the “CLOSED” sign hanging in your door. 

And that my friend means you lose a potential recurring customer for life. 
  • Top Notch Verified Business Listings on The Top 220
    Local Directories
We’ll make sure your business is visible in all the right places. Did you know that some people use sites other than Google to learn about local businesses?

In addition to Google, we’ve got the skinny on the top 220 local directories online that can give you more visibility in your local area. Not to mention giving you a little search engine ‘luvin’ in the process!
  • Up To Date Monthly Reporting
You’re running a tight ship and we know that. So that you don’t have to ever waste time seeing what’s working for you with our service, we’ll give you a monthly report that lets you make better decisions and keep your local business ‘ship’ full steam ahead.

Everything is laid out in an easy to understand format that you can glance over anytime you feel like it.
  • Dynamic Content Generation and Updating
Let me ask you a quick question.

When was the last time you did something once and only once - and in return it gave you amazing, life changing results? Probably never.

If that were the case you’d do 3 push-ups and look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Good luck with that!

If you know that’s a little silly to think that way, then why do you do the same thing for your business? Just like you, many local businesses are making a big mistake when it comes to online listings.

And this is crucial because search engines, mobile directories, and online resource sites thrive on up-to-date business information.

You might think the do it yourself (DIY) method is all they need, but to stay on top of local search results, you have to keep your business information updated, fresh, and relevant to increase engagement.  

And that’s especially true when it comes to the #1 search engine in the world which is Google. Google’s a big popularity contest, always looking for the next big thing.

Don’t frustrate yourself anymore.

Let us put you in position so that Google knows you’re the next big thing!
  • Instant Review Monitoring
You know what’s worse than having bad reviews for your business?

No reviews at all!

I know that may seem contradictory, but you have to understand that Google is relying on reviews, both good and bad, to elevate businesses in local search results. 

Having no reviews for your business is like watching a bad act on America’s Got Talent, it won’t hold your attention for long.

Now by no means am I saying you should be ok with bad reviews. Not by a long shot. But understand that if you’re not generating tons of reviews for your business, prospects are going elsewhere.

And the money will follow them to wherever they go as well. Let’s redirect those funds to you shall we?
  • Google My Business (Verification and Optimization)
If there was only one online business directory that you could choose to have your business listed on, this would be it.

Now you may already know the importance of Google My Business (which just happens to be the most important online business directory in the universe) but aren’t sure how to get the business listed.  

But even if you are listed, that doesn’t mean you’ll appear at the top of the local search results. And in order to do that your listing needs to be optimized and verified which are even more important.

Finally, are potential customers interacting with your listing? If not, then let us create, optimize, and verify your listing - giving you the opportunity to pull in prospects like a 2 ton magnet while potential customers are holding golf clubs over their heads!
  • Our One and Only Proprietary Prominence Accelerator
You’ve probably gotten calls from every Tom, Dick, and Harry looking to sell you some type of online scam. The truth is there are good online directories and bad online search directories (in fact, Google penalizes businesses who are listed on ‘bad’ directory sites). 

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out which local search directories will launch you above the crowd versus those where you’re likely get trampled.

But don’t worry because we’ll stay on top of all online search directories and whether or not they're in good graces with Google. 

We also review your business to create a custom list of online directories to distribute your information on.

We have direct relationships with the top, most authoritative directories, thus giving you priority placement.
  • Your Very Own Dedicated Account Manager
Besides everything you see above, we’ll make sure you can get in touch with someone when you need to so you can get all of your questions answered in a jiffy.

Want to know what we’re working on for your local business at any given moment? Done. 

SEO questions? Done. 

Verifications and business listings? No problem.

Remember what I said earlier. When you join Lizard Local we treat you like family. 

And giving you a dedicated manager is the closest thing I can get for you when it comes to working with us, short of giving you a bedroom in the house.

Sorry, the Mrs. wouldn’t go for that...although I did try. :-)
“But Don’t Ask Us To Build Popsicle Stick Houses.
We Suck At That...” 
Hey, we can’t be good at everything. So if this was a popsicle stick house building contest, we’d absolutely blow it. 

But when you think about it, your marketing efforts or heck, even your business, may be at the point where it’s a fragile as a popsicle stick house.

One strong wind of change and it comes tumbling down!

Good thing for you we rock at helping local businesses actually build businesses instead of flimsy popsicle houses.

Because with us in your corner, you’re sure to build a solid marketing foundation for your business that will help generate customers and profits for years to come.
“This Marketing Stuff Is Like David vs. Goliath, But Instead of A Sling and A Stone, We’re Going To Be A Catapult and A 500 Ton Boulder!”
Let me tell you a true story about Walmart and me purchasing a TV…(que daydream music)

I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard to buy a TV in my life!
Let’s just say after 48 hours, I felt like I worked a full time job just trying to purchase a new TV. 

Here’s how it went down…

I decided that even though I’m not a ‘TV guy’ that I would like something larger than my 32 inch TV whenever I do decide to watch a movie or something.

So I start to peruse Walmart’s website and find a TV that I think would be great, but still within a nice price range. Since I’m not that big on TV I’m thinking about $700 or so should do it.

Well after being wowed with all the 4k Ultra this and that, I decided to take the plunge. Fork over my credit card, buy the warranty (or my wife will yell at me even though you never really use it), and I’m ready to pick the TV up a little bit later from the store THAT DAY.

Or so I thought. (dun, dun, dun!!!)

So after waiting in the store for almost 2 hours (Walmart gives me hives and makes me itch), I still didn’t walk out with one single pixel that I paid for.

But Walmart put a hold on my bank account. What the heck? (yeah, that confused and frustrated look you have right now? Imagine me with that times 10!)

So after getting on with the chat department, the store manager, and maybe even Sam Walton himself, I found out that there was a ‘freeze’ on my purchase.  

But I had to do all the digging or else Walmart would still have my $700 smackers today some 1 month later.

Admittedly frustrated, I had the order refunded and then proceeded to purchase from a rival competitor Best Buy whose prices are just about higher all the time.

But at this point, I didn’t care.

The hoops that Walmart made me jump through just to get a television I purchased was absolutely insane.

But here’s where I want to turn this story.

With the AMAZING amount of frustration and anger I had to endure in that AWFUL process that Walmart took me through, validating everything I think about them, if you were a local business selling TV’s that weekend - I would have sought you out and BOUGHT FROM YOU.

And if you showed any decent level of actual customer service? (cough...I’m looking at you Walmart) I would have most likely considered shopping with you in the future.

But I wonder how many other people like me go through similar instances in your category of business, but don’t even know you exist?

And thus, go to another big name brand when you could have snagged a loyal customer again and again?

And there’s a reason why it continues to happen.

Because we don’t know how to find you! And that’s most likely because you don’t have the time to focus on marketing your local business correctly.

Let’s rectify that shall we?

I’m not saying that together you and I are going to make Walmart bankrupt. Not by a long shot.

But what I am saying is that when you have us in your corner, we won’t just be a stone and slingshot in the hands of your local business going against a Goliath like Walmart.

We’re going to do much better than that. We’re going to be a rock quarry set on automatic rapid fire to help you get the best results possible and become the known go-to local business in whatever category you care to dominate.

Go ahead and put us in your hands and hurl us at this whole online thing.

You’ll find that just like David, we’ll help you emerge victorious and change your life forever.

But if you don’t believe us, then think about this…
“Friend, Why Give Up Dollars Only To Chase Pennies?”
You’s sad when I constantly see business owners who don’t understand the value of their time and money. I see them making the same mistake over and over again and maybe you’re doing the same too.

Let me explain…

Let’s say that when you spend time on your business you make $400 an hour hypothetically speaking. Could be more or it could be less. (If it’s less than that then we definitely need to partner up!)
“You’re Nervous Because Someone Promised You The Moon Before. I Get That. Here’s Why We’re Different…”
I want you to know that I totally understand how you feel.

I get it 100%.

Why? Because I’ve been in the same position.

Believe it or not, at one time I was bright-eyed and bushy tailed when it came to starting my new business ventures too.

Due to my naiveté, I forked over so much money to ‘specialists’ that I’m embarrassed to say how much exactly. 

Let’s just say that they left me hanging out to dry ok?

But that’s where we’re different.

I actually remember that pain. The hopes and expectations that came crashing to the ground over and over again. It made me cynical, skeptical and very untrusting.

But it also left me without a single dime of increased revenue.

And that’s where things got dangerous. If I didn’t stick with it and figure it out or keep myself open, then I’d be headed to the business dream graveyard along with millions of other failed dreams and hopes.

So when I say I get it, I mean it. I totally do.

And that’s why we’re different. 

That’s why I’m different.

Because I never forget what it’s like to be where you are now. The uncertainty of investing more money in a solution you hope will work.

The thing is friend, I’m here to tell you that it will work. Better yet, that I’ll get it to work for you specifically.

See, when you join us, you become family. Yep. That’s right. You’ll get a personal touch that will make you feel like we’re getting together for Sunday dinner with chicken, biscuits and country fried gravy.

I take every business I work with that serious. I treat it as my own.

I’ll treat yours as my own.

And I’ll do everything in my power to help you increase more revenue and customers, while lightening your workload at the same time.

And only for a very minor investment.
“And If That’s Not Enough, You’re Completely Covered.”
Listen, we want to make sure that you feel 100% comfortable working with us. When you come to us, we treat your business as if it were our very own.

But for some strange reason you don’t think we’re up to snuff, let us know and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right and get you the results you deserve.

And if we can’t? We’ll refund you within a 30 day period guaranteed.
“So Here’s What’s Next...”
When you choose an option below, we’ll get you all setup in no time.

We’ll get in touch via email to personally connect with you and see where you are in your business and how we can take what we do to help you remove all your marketing obstacles so you can attract more customers.

Just fill out the questionnaire we send you and we’ll do the rest! 

And we’re always accessible. Simple get in touch and we’ll get back to you ASAP with any answers you may need to any questions you may have.

But overall? Just sit back, relax, and let us do the work for you!
We really are here to serve you and your business needs.

So let’s go ahead and let’s get started today!
Choose Your Option Below:
Billed monthly, no setup fee.
  • Fixes 65% of Errors!
  • Google My Business
    (Verification and Optimization)
  • Verified Business Listings on
    Top 70 Local Directories 
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Weekly Updates
  • Daily Review Monitoring
  • Proprietary Prominence
Billed monthly, no setup fee.
  • Fixes 100% of Errors!
  • Google My Business
    (Verification and Optimization)
  • Verified Business Listings on
    Top 220 Local Directories
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Lizard Local Team Proactively 
    Makes Content Changes For
    Your Business
  • Instant Review Monitoring
  • Proprietary Prominence
  • Dedicated Account Manager
Billed monthly, no setup fee
  • Fixes 35% of Errors!
  • Google My Business
    (Verification and Optimization) 
  • Verified Business Listings on  
    Top 40 Local Directories 
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Updates
  • Weekly Review Monitoring

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