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“How Would You Like To Increase Your Business 230% In The Next 30 Days With Only A Few Simple Tweaks...Guaranteed?” 
Dear Struggling Business Owner,

If you want to at least double your revenue this year while working less than ever before, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Because I’d like to show you how to get more customers than you can shake a stick at while exponentially growing your revenue in the fastest time possible without all the hassle, nonsense, or b.s.

Would that be OK? I’m sure it would right? ;-)

I mean, who doesn’t want to increase their business and make more money while working less? Isn’t that why you started your business in the first place?

Ok, whoa...sorry...let me slow down.

I’m not saying that money is the principal thing when it comes to starting a business. If you’re like most people, you probably started the business in order to serve people, to make a difference, which is truly admirable.

But...unless your business is profitable (not just money wise, but time wise as well), you won’t be able to continue to serve people for very long. And that’s where I’d like to help.
“I Wish I Could Say That I’ve Always Known How This Stuff Worked, But Truthfully - I Failed Miserably At First” 
Just like you probably are right now at this very moment, I struggled with the notion of jumping into this whole ‘online’ thing.

Thankfully I learned quick enough, that not getting started was the worst mistake I could ever make.

And to make matters worse, I didn’t have a single clue how to get it going, let alone how to piece it all together or make it work in an easy to follow system.

So because of my ignorance, I hired shady outsourcers, digital media agencies, and consultants who simply weren’t worth their weight in salt.

Long story short? Ton of time and money - down the drain.
“Once I Changed A Few Things, It All Turned Around For Me...Quickly I Might Add. "
Determined to make this online thing work for local business, (I’m kind of stubborn like that or so my wife tells me!) I decided to jump in without a life jacket.

Either I would drown or learn how to swim. But this wasn’t jumping into a kiddie pond with floaties on. This was like jumping into the Atlantic in the middle of a tempest!

But boy oh boy, did I learn how to swim. In just 18 months I went from being broke and in debt to padding my online bank account with over a million bucks.
I got so good at ‘it’ that I discovered 3 secrets that anyone can use to see similar results. Let me share them with you…(you didn’t think I’d make you wait right?)
Secret #1...
I can sell more of my products and services, attract  more loyal customers and make more money in one month promoting my business online, than I can in an entire year anywhere else. 
Secret #2...
Once I apply all of the steps in my system, customers flock to me instead of me searching for them! (big plus because I hate having to market my business in the way that most local businesses have to) 
Secret #3...
Through a 5-step process, I only need a small amount of time
and money to make this work! (about $150 start)
“(Alert! Alert!) I Know Your B.S. Radar Is Going Off and You May Be Skeptical of What I’m Saying, But If You Could Suspend Your Disbelief For Just The Next 5 Minutes, You’ll Discover How To Have Cash-In-Hand Customers Beating Down Your Door While Screaming ‘Take My Money!’ - No Joke.” 
I know you’re probably thinking, “Cool story bro, but I’ve heard the same ol’ thing before. You can take that load of crock with your heart strings and jump off a short cliff!”

And while I get that you may feel that way due to some guy walking in your business and telling you how he could get you in the search engines or that you only need to do XYZ to get more customers, well frankly - this ‘ain’t’ that.

While you are probably bombarded with emails and people clawing for your precious time, you still have issues and unanswered questions when it comes to your business that keep you awake at night or worse, give you nightmares that make you wake up in a cold sweat panting and gasping for every breath.

Well I’ve got the answers and I don’t want to waste your time, but quite frankly, I don’t want anyone wasting mine either. I’m not in it for just a buck, but to also see you get results. (more on that later) 
“Friend, You’re Fishing In The Right Lake, But On 
The Wrong Side of The Boat…"
All those potential customers you could have? They’re going to buy something you sell from SOMEWHERE. The real question is, “Are you going to be the one to sell it to them?!”

Because if not, someone else will. Think about that for a moment.

Those people ARE GOING TO SPEND MONEY PERIOD. The thing is whether or not they will spend it with you. 

And unless you know how to implement some simple strategies that anyone can do if they can click a mouse, then that money is most likely going to your competition.

And you’ll be stuck in local business purgatory. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen. 

Thankfully for you, you don’t need friends or family to pay clergy to say a prayer for you or offer money to get you out. 

You only need to follow my simple formula and you’ll be on the ‘golden’ road to heavenly local business profits. (Ahh yes...I can hear the angels singing right now! - You’re getting closer to the ‘gates’ of local business success...Hallelujah!)
Let’s Just Get Straight To It. Failing To Market Your Local Business Online Correctly Is Like Making A Cake With Only Eggs and No Flour.
Eventually, You’ll Just End Up Beat & Scrambled.
I want you do me a favor. Actually, you’ll be doing yourself one when you do this.

Next time you’re out and about, just stop and take a notice of what people are doing. Just watch for say...20 minutes.

I GUARANTEE you’ll find the majority of people doing one thing and one thing only.

Entrenched in their smartphone.

Doesn’t matter. You can be at work (or supposed to be working), at dinner, lunch, heck - even a house of worship, (I’m quite sure they aren’t getting email from a higher power) and you’ll find people with their nose stuck in that little doo-dad.

So why do I bring this up? Because that’s where a lot of YOUR customers are at the moment.  

But if you can’t connect with them WHERE THEY ARE and bring them to WHERE YOU WANT THEM TO BE, then your business is dead like a fish trying to swim in a pot of pickle juice.

Eventually it’ll just stink and you have to throw it away.
Now, depending on your level of savvy, you’re most likely in one of two places:

1. You know the internet can help you get more customers with less work, but you haven’t figured out the right combination of methods and systems to help you streamline it. Even though you may have ‘tried’ this and that…

2. You don’t have a darn clue about how this ‘internet thingy’ works let alone how it can get people in your door or even to the online site you may use to boost local business.  

You don’t know the difference between a GoogSnapTube or Instabook. You think Reddit is a site that shows the books people read and finished!

Ok...I’m just messing with you. I’m quite sure you know what Snapchat, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are. But if you don’t know how to use them to position your local business and explode your revenues, then we’ve got work to do.

And if you don’t know what those things are? We’ve got A LOT of work to do!
Be Honest. You Know Those Old Forms of Advertising You CURRENTLY Spend Money On Don’t Work.
So let me take a stab at it here and see if I’m correct on my prediction that I know something about you. 

If you’ve owned a local business for some time you’ve probably done one of the following to try and drum up business:
* Paid for ads in value pack circulations
* Bought a position in a yellow/white page directory
* Let your ‘internet savvy cousin’ work on your SEO
* Paid for flyers to be handed out
* Hired a sign spinner to spin your business sign         (don’t make me laugh!)
* Placed ads in your local newspaper
* Asked people to ‘come back and see us’
* Asked people to ‘tell their friends’ about your         business
* Paid for mailers/postcards (with very little           results)
* Or not a darn thing…(which is worst of all!)
But I’ll tell you what just gets my goat. I mean, really makes me stark raving mad like a hornet's nest - it’s when I know that a local business can succeed and double, triple, or even quadruple their business, but the owner(s) won’t get out of their own way.

Sometimes I just want to do a flying roundhouse MMA kick to knock them loose of the bad ideologies they’ve built up so the stream of profits can flow adequately to every portion of their businesses and for that matter, THEIR LIVES.

If that’s you, then this ends today. Right here right now.

And, uh, don’t worry about the roundhouse thing. I can’t even kick my way through air, so you’re safe. ;-)

But we do have to deal with another problem...
(Sniff…Sniff…) Smell That? It Smells Like Your Hard Earned Money Going Up In Flames…
Now I’m no medical doctor, but I do believe I can diagnose your problem when it comes to your local business. My diagnosis?
Insanity. (Gasp!)

Ok, pull your jaw back up. I’m in no way saying you need a straight jacket, but by the very definition of insanity which is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result - I’d say my prognosis of the situation is pretty spot on.


Because you continue to pour money into useless advertising strategies that don’t bring you one iota of profit or lifetime customers.

So if it’s not working, why do you continue to spend your hard earned money on it? Heck, might as well throw it in the fireplace. At least it’ll keep you warm for a little bit.

Listen, if you keep throwing money at the same ol useless tactics then your business is now becoming nothing more than a local gold digger that’s just using you for your money.

Sure you may get some pleasure out of being ‘in control’ but as with all gold diggers, they’ll drain you dry unless you cut ‘em off.

But if you’re ready to put that money to good use to grow and scale your business while working less, then let me show you how to do that.
“Adapt or Let Your Business Dream Die A Slow and Painful Cash Sucking Death…"
Rewind with me back to the past for a moment to a time where there were stores that thought they’d never go out of business.
Profits were plentiful, stocks were booming, and it seemed like they’d ride this to the end of the rainbow and not only find a pot of gold, but a whole field of it!

They imagined it and saw it in their dreams. No one could stop them.

Until it stopped.

Let’s see if you know these brands:
So what happened?

I mean, why can’t I go in Blockbuster and get my favorite VHS anymore? (sarcasm intended here - but there is one loney nostalgic store in Indiana if you ever want to visit)

Or why can’t I go to Borders anymore, but I still can go to Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, or even purchase on Amazon Kindle?

One reason - One adapted and the other didn’t.

Blockbuster should have seen the writing on the wall when Netflix came about. The crazy thing is that Blockbuster had a head start and could have easily competed with Netflix because they already had the customer base.

And how much is Netflix worth now?
And how much is Netflix stock now?
(Wow! That’s a lot of anime streaming and original series!) 
But Blockbuster’s stock now? Well take a look for yourself…
(If you invested in this stock - well...try not to swear!) 
And many of other major brands have bitten the bullet due to the lack of adaptation and online strategy for their local brick and mortar locations.

So if major corporations with billions of worth and backing can go down the tube for lack of online strategy...what makes you think you can’t?

But here’s where it gets good because in reverse, you can now compete with those major brands by using the power of an online strategy.

How awesome is that?

Now you and every other local business can be on the same playing field as any major corporation.

And I’d like to show you how.
You Could Spend The Next 2-3 Years Learning How To Boost Your Local Business Profits Online…
Depending on where you are in your business cycle, I know that generally it takes minimally 2-3 years for a local business to become profitable.

For some businesses it can take even longer than 2 to 3 years! And unfortunately for some other business, they NEVER become profitable at all.

Why? Well it could be a number of things, but most times it’s due to the product the business sells, the operating expenses and the business overhead.

Not to mention marketing is and should be a part of that overhead expense as well.

So to figure all this stuff out that took me almost giving a kidney and my first born to learn, it could take you probably the next couple of years as well.

But who wants to wait that long?
Or You Could Skip All The Pain, Heartache, Repeating Failure, & And Have Me Show You How In The 
Next 30 Days...
If you were traveling with your family and/or loved ones and there was a huge crater in the road up ahead filled with lava, wouldn’t you try to avoid it?

Better yet, what if someone had fallen into the crater, survived, crawled back out and knew a faster way around the crater?

Wouldn’t you want that person to show you the way so you and your loved ones could be safe and saved?

It’s no different when it comes to marketing your local business online. 

I’ve gone down into the pits learning this thing, but I’ve also crawled and clawed my way back up to the top of the mountain and let me tell you, I wish someone would have told me upfront what I know now.

Because friend, there is an easier path. Trust me.
“Local Marketing Accelerator”
“The #1 Way For Any Local Business To Dominate & Exponentially Grow Their Revenue Guaranteed!”
“So How Exactly Will Local Marketing Accelerator Help Your Fledgling and/or Overwhelming Local Business?”
Well for starters it’s some of the most comprehensive yet easy to follow training on the market that teaches local business owners to harness the power of the internet for their business.

Once you follow the easy workflow inside, you’re sure to get results sooner than you ever have with anything else you may have tried.

Here’s what’s included: 
Module 1 - The Setup
If you ever wanted to get off the ground and up and running quickly, then you’ll love this module. I’ve carefully crafted a simple to follow yet powerful resource guide that will help you get prepared for local business domination.

And if that’s not enough, I’ve also created a stunning yet easy to follow along mind map. Both of these items will help you get your necessary business profile up and running quickly.
Module 2 - Local Marketing Optimizer
In this module I’ll teach you the correct way to verify, organize, and distribute your business information on Google and how to stay in Google’s good graces when doing so.

If you don’t follow what I say here to a tee, then it can mean the difference between Google euphoria and your business being banned for possibly eternity.

I’ll also teach you how to maximize certain sites I’m sure you’ve not only heard of, but probably use yourself when making a decision about a business you’ll visit.

Now that same power will be in your hands when potential customers are searching for what you have to offer.
Module 3 - The Buyer Magnet
I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “if a tree falls in the forest, and nobody's around to hear it…(blah, blah, blah - you know the rest)”

The same can be said here. If you have a business and customers don’t know you exist, will you make any money?

Absolutely not.

So to make sure that doesn’t happen, I’ll show you the critical must have elements that will make your business come out on top of the competition as well as how to use digital marketing channels, data aggregators, brand optimization, and customer reviews to your benefit, that helps bring in sales like clockwork.
Module 4 - Local Dominator
In this module, I’ll show you how to use a few secret tips and tricks to drive more local traffic to your business than you ever have before!

I’ll also show you how to use your online presence through social media channels to help you sell more of your products and services while getting more customers than the competition...without hardly lifting a finger!

You don’t want to miss this...
Bonus Module #1 - 
SEO Secrets Revealed
In this section, I’ll show you a simple to follow process that will help you spy on your competitors to see how they're getting to the top of the rankings.

I’ll then show you how to model what they do and ‘one up’ them so you can not only overtake them at #1 in the search results, but leave them eating your dust as well.  

This works for ANY business
This Bonus Module #2 - 
Business Multiplier
So you know the power of Google already right?

Well just because Google is the #1 search engine online doesn’t mean that you want to ignore Yahoo and Bing.

I’ll show you how to cover all the bases necessary and list your site and presence with Yahoo and Bing and start driving even more traffic to help you achieve the results you desire.
Bonus Module #3 - 
Social Media Domination
Depending on how technically literate you are, you may or may not know the power of using social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

These sites and others aren’t just for kids showing the latest prank, but are also great increasing your brand and exposure.

I’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes that can set you back months as well as how to use the power of other sites like YouTube to really draw a loyal customer following.
“Who This Has Worked For…”
“Now, Let Me Hand You The Same Simple Process Those Businesses Used That Will Double Your Revenue…
THIS YEAR (Proof!)”
So maybe you’re asking if this stuff really works. Well have you ever done a search for something local in your own community, city, or neighborhood for a product you needed to buy?

And when you found it, did you buy it? (‘light bulb goes on’...)

Friend, it’s the same process for your own business. Right now people are searching for what you sell locally and looking LOCALLY to buy it.

The question is whether or not you’re going to sell it to them.

One of my clients ‘got it’ and this was the result…

"Store Sales Up 258 Units..."

“Dear Mike, This has been my best month so far. Store sales are up 258 units after just 3 months of promoting the business online. I'm very happy with the progress considering that I haven't seen ANY growth in the last 36 months... I just wanted to say thank you again. I can see the end of the tunnel.” - M. Faccio
But maybe you’re still not convinced all the way.

Well if you feel I’m hiding something, let’s just deal with the elephant in the room...
“So What’s The Difference Between Me And Those Other ‘Guys’ Who Claim They Can Help You? Well For Starters... I Actually Care About YOUR Success…”
(and not just my own)
I’m not just someone looking to make a quick buck and then move on to the next person like a prostitute in Vegas on New Year’s Eve, but rather I’m someone who actually wants and NEEDS you to succeed.

Yep. You read that right.

In order for me to be successful, I need you to be successful. Because when you succeed you’ll tell all your other business buddies about me and they’ll want to get access to the same high quality information you’re about to see today.

Information from someone who wrote ‘the book’ on SEO and Local Marketing (...just Google me).

Information from someone who did website optimization for top companies and agencies (secretly outsourcing):
–Mercury Media
–Princeton Partners
–Dow Jones, Instyler, Cross Pens, Lenox, and Many more

Information that has helped and handled marketing for over 500+ local businesses (and counting…)

As well as over 7 figures in increased business alone for local businesses, many of whom were losing money or making very little profit.

So we’re in this together and I’m counting on you to follow what I say. And when you do? Well...let’s just say your bank account will thank you later.
Wouldn’t You Give Up A Black Onyx To Get A Diamond?

I’m not saying your business isn’t valuable as it stands right now. I’m sure it is and even more so, I’m sure it’s near and dear to your heart.

But if you could increase the value of your business with only a few simple tweaks and increase in knowledge, why wouldn’t you choose to do so?

And that’s what I mean by the analogy above.

Sure your business is valuable. Precious even. But at it’s current state?

It’s an Onyx.

Beautiful, formed over time, cut from sweat and tears…but no shine.
Isn’t it time to take your business from where it is to where it can be?
“Contrary To What You May Think, Your Local Business Growth Problems Are NOT Unique…Or Impossible To Overcome...”
At this very moment, you may find yourself struggling to stay afloat or, if you are making profits in your business, you may find yourself working 60 to 80 hours a week just to do so.

I don’t think that’s what you envisioned when you first started your business right? You pictured a business that was prosperous while you and possibly your family prospered as well. Who the heck wants a glorified job?

Ouch. I know that cut deep, but it’s a fact. The good thing is that it’s a fact, but it’s not the truth. Facts tell what is and truth tells what can be.

And the TRUTH is, you can have the business of your dreams - if you just knew the steps to get there.

Many other business owners are in the same situation as you, but I know a better way that makes businesses better without killing yourself in the process.

May I show you how?

Now I ask all the time what would an extra $500, $1000, or even $5,000 mean to your life at the moment?

Just an extra $500 a month helps changes a lot of things in a lot of businesses as well as households. As a matter of fact, an extra $500-$1,000 a month changes the actual place where you can afford to live and do live.

It even changes the car you drive, how and where you vacation, and more. It can change the college your kids attend and even boost your retirement nest egg exponentially.

So let’s just say I helped you increase business $1000 a month for the rest of your life. That’d be $12,000 pre tax yearly. I’m sure that’d cover one or two business expenses right?

But we’re not playing on that level as I know you have larger goals than that, and I want to help you meet them.

But if I helped you generate an extra $12,000 to $20,000 in yearly revenue for the next 10 years, that’d be an extra $120,000 to $200,000 that you’d make all without any extra hard work. Most likely less effort than you’re using now to grow your business.

So wouldn’t it be fair for me to ask for a one time investment of only $2,497 or even $1,997?

I’m sure it would, but because you’re special and I really want this to work for you, I’m going to do something totally different. You probably won’t even believe me if I told you.
So Let's Recap...
When you sign up for the Local Marketing Accelerator program today, you’ll get access to:

The Setup ($997 Value)
A Quick Start Mind Map & Resource Guide For Getting Your Business Profile Up and Running

Local Marketing Optimizer ($1,497 Value)
Information on How to Verify, Optimize, and Distribute Your Business Information on Google and What Not To Do so You Don’t Get Banned From the Search Engines

The Buyer Magnet ($2,997 Value)
Access to The Critical Must Have Elements That Will Make Your Business Come Out On Top Along With Online Brand Optimization, Local Distribution Channels, and Customer Reviews

Local Dominator ($3,500 Value)
Learn the Secret Ways to Use Your Online Presence Using Social Channels and Medial to Make More Money, Drive More Local Traffic, Sell More of Your Product & Services, and Get More Customers Than Most Local Businesses Ever Will...Without Doing The Work Yourself!
For a very limited time I’m going to provide local business owners with a powerful bonus, secrets that I’ve personally used to explode the online presence of local businesses when they purchase the Local Marketing Accelerator program.

Bonus #1 - SEO Secrets ($1,997 Value)
Get the Skinny On Outranking Your Most Fiercest Competitors

Bonus #2 - Business Multiplier ($997 Value)
Learn How to Triple Your Business Exposure

Bonus #3 - Social Media Domination ($600 Value)
Discover How to Master Social and Bend It To Your Will

That’s A Whopping Total of $12,585.00 Value Worth of Products!

You get all the mind blowing information, knowledge, and expertise available today to help your business generate hundreds of thousands or even millions for only a very small investment of $297 one time.

Not a recurring payment or yearly commitment - nada. A one time investment is all it takes.
Everything I’m Saying Will Help You Get Results… IF YOU APPLY IT. 
If It Doesn’t, You Don’t Pay One Stinkin’ Penny.
Remember how earlier I said I need you to be successful? I’m not kidding. I really do because I need this to help as many struggling business owners as possible. As a matter of fact, I have a responsibility to do so.

But that doesn’t matter when it comes to putting skin in the game.

And that’s why I’m going to protect your investment and your leap of faith.

I’m going to do everything in my power to get this to work for you. If you can’t figure it out or are unable to find out exactly how to create your business profile on Google, I’ll jump on and show you how.

If you can’t find someone to verify your local online profile, I’ll give you access to my personal VA’s who’ll get you in tip-top shape. 

If after 60 days you’re not making AT LEAST an extra $500 a month in additional revenue, I’ll assign my top coaches to kickstart your sales.

And if for any other reason you don’t like this? Don’t pay one dime.

Just request a refund. No drama, no shenanigans on my side.

All I ask is that you give this a fair shot and do what I show you. 

“Warning! This Is Not For Everyone.
So Please Don’t Join If...”
1. You Ever Say, “I Like How Things Are Now - Don’t Change It”

If you’re adverse to change, there’s nothing I can do for you. If you like doing ‘busy work’ that makes you feel important or that you’re doing ‘something’ but it doesn’t get results, then I can’t help you.

And quite frankly, I wouldn’t accept you into my program if you invested 3X the amount of this course.

Why? Because it’d only frustrate the both of us and eventually you’d fight me tooth and nail and when you don’t see results, you’d blame me. I’ve been there and done that, had a seven course meal of it, and learned my lesson from it.

No thank you. I’m full.

2. You Are Not Interested In Getting Better Results With Your Marketing

If you like just coasting along, then this isn’t for you. Because regardless of what some shady ‘digital guy’ told you, there is a small effort required to do this.

But it’s not what you think. In most cases it’s just a little more tedious upfront. And that’s because you’ll be learning new strategies and tactics that you probably haven’t used before or haven’t implemented correctly.

But once you follow my guidance, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this stuff sooner. And the more you do it? The easier it becomes guaranteed.

3. You Don’t Want To Invest To Grow Your Business To Where It Can and Should Be

I’m not going to lie. You can do some stuff for ‘free’, but it’s not really free because you’ll be spending your time which isn’t free or plentiful in abundance.

So if you want to get to your goals quicker, you’ll have to invest a little capital. Not much to get started and see results, but if you’re spending money already on useless advertising methods with minimal to no results, then you’re going to love what I’ve got to show you.

I’ll probably help you slash at least half your advertising budget while exponentially improving results!
If You Qualify Then I’m Ready To Get In The Trenches With You. So Let’s Get You Started Today.  (Here’s What To Do Now…) 
Here’s how to get your business at least doubling its revenue THIS YEAR.

Step 1. Review the details on this page if necessary
Step 2. Review the no hassle no risk guarantee (You’re covered 100%)
Step 3. Use the button below to get started
Step 4. Learn how to get your business in front of all the customers who want to buy what you sell.
Step 5. Send me 10% once you make tons of money (just kidding)

That’s simple enough right? (Well, except step 5 which I’m totally joking about)  

And I can’t state enough that you’re totally covered by my no hassle 100% risk free guarantee.

Either you’re qualified and love exactly what we’re getting ready to do or you get your money back. No questions, no frills.

You literally have NOTHING TO LOSE.

So if you want me to show you how to bring in more customers than bees attracted to honey, let’s move forward.
Here’s What Will Happen After You Sign Up Today
When you use the button on this page to get started today, you’ll be taken to an order page where you can review all the AMAZING value you’re about to get your hands on.

Rest assured that your order is 100% secured by the most highly guarded digital servers that it’d be like trying to break into Ft. Knox.

After you sign up, you’ll be taken to the members area immediately where you can start learning and implementing the same strategies that have helped over 500 business increase their revenues as well.

And if you need help? I’m literally only a few clicks away. So you have nothing to worry about.

Ready? Ok, let’s do this…
Don’t Delay - The Investment of This Amazing Resource Will Rise So Use The Button Below Now To Get Access.
** (100% Secure Ordering) **
I’ll see you on the inside,
Michael Fleischner

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